About Herb

      I am the proud father of 8 wonderful children who has further been blessed with 8 incredible grandchildren.  You have probably seen most, if not all of them on our website already because we really enjoy spending time with them.   I am also the oldest of the 4 children, and counting both sides of my family I am also the oldest of 30 grandchildren    I was born and raised in the beautiful area of Upstate New York, where places like Niagara Falls, Lake Ontario, the Finger Lakes and the 1000 Islands were my playgrounds growing up.  So I was always surrounded by family and beauty and quickly developed an appreciation for recording both for posterity.

      I really became interested in photography when I began attending the US Naval Academy in Annapolis.  I bought my first camera, a Kodak Disc Camera, to take photos of my experiences. While I dabbled with photography for a few years, I quickly jumped on the video bandwagon when VHS camcorders became affordable and my family began to grow.  Through the years I have accumulated hundreds of hours of wonderful videos of my family and friends and our travels throughout my navy career.  But I never really lost my passion for still photography.   A few years ago my incredible wife, Liza, decided it was time for us to get back into it and purchased "his and hers" Canon T3i Rebel cameras for us and since that we have gone full speed into our next career.  We absolutely love working together and make an amazing team because we love to have fun and that is the theme of our photo shoots.  Liza has always been very artistic, while I have been more of the technical gadget guy, so between us we create some pretty unique and outstanding images.  It's turned out to be a pretty great combination.  We look forward to recording your history for you in a fun, no-stress session.